What I Do


Put simply, Robin J Carver will ensure that your machine is in accordance with European Union Law.

  1. Identify all applicable European Union (EU) Directives (The “Laws”);
  2. Assess your machineries alignment to the “Essential Requirements” contained in the directives;
  3. Choose the appropriate conformity assessment procedures; (i.e., manufacturer’s declaration or one of the appropriate “Modules” where the use of third parties may be required);
  4. Determine the applicable standards – Harmonized European “C type” or “B type” standard(s) (EN’s), International (ISO, IEC, etc.) or alternative;
  5. If required, choose a “Notified Body” to perform any necessary “EC type-examination” procedure on the machinery or undertake a "Full Quality Assurance" procedure;
  6. Assist you with the appointment of an authorized representative for your Company in the EU;
  7. Assist in the preparation of the formal “Technical File” and the compliant User Manuals, particularly for products with high risk hazards.
  8. Assemble the required approvals and certificates and prepare an “EC Declaration of Conformity” for each applicable directive;
  9. Affix the "CE Mark" in accordance with the EU Directive(s).

This will be achieved with your full cooperation and you are encouraged to work closely with me to see how it’s done, de-mystifying the process, so that you may become self-supporting in the maintenance of your compliance.

Ongoing e-support

  • Follow-on support and advice when you need it. Always readily available to provide ongoing or ad-hoc support.

Custodian of the “Technical File

The Machinery Directive requires that the manufacturer must always indicate, in the EC Declaration, the name and address of a natural or legal person established in the EU who is authorised to present the “Technical File” when it is demanded by the authorities. 

Going forward, and having provided you with the primary support, above, then I would be pleased to act on your behalf as the declared custodian of the “Technical File”.

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