As inventors and/or designers of machinery, you will wish to protect your intellectual property and prevent unauthorized disclosure or use of information provided.

With or without a formal Confidentiality Agreement, Robin J Carver agrees to keep confidential and not disclose, directly or indirectly, any information concerning your business (except to the extent that such information is available to the general public) or any other information which is designated as confidential, except to the extent required by law.

Clearly, Robin J Carver will require certain information to undertake the conformity assessment procedures on your products. But be assured that he will respect the confidentiality of the information provided, obtained, revealed or received while carrying out the conformity assessment.

You are obliged to draw up a ‘Technical File’ which must demonstrate how the machinery complies with the requirements of the Directive. However, you may be assured that it is your property and you need only reveal it on a reasonable request by the national authorities in the EU in the event of a question relating to compliance. Article 18 of the Directive concerning machinery is your safeguard that ensures that the authorities must respect the confidentiality of any information provided.

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